Class B motorhomes are small enough for just about anyone to navigate affordably and provide many of the amenities offered in larger motorhomes, but they are quite restrictive in the amount of storage space you have inside. Before you pass up your chance to buy a class B motorhome because it doesn't offer the storage space you would like in your RV, take a minute and look through the following tips for optimizing storage in such a small space.

Storage While On the Road

While packing up for a trip, carefully consider where you put things. Anything that you might need while you're on the road, like flashlights, should be kept in an easy-to-reach area. The blankets, towels and other things that you won't need until you reach your destination can be stored in the under-bench compartments and even the roof-top or hitch-mount carrier.

Kitchen Supplies

Your little class B provides you with much of what you need to prepare all sorts of meals while you travel, but it doesn't give you a whole lot of space to store your cooking supplies. Limit what you take with you – one or two pots and skillets, only the essential utensils, maybe a crockpot – forget the rest – chances are, you can get by with very little.

Don't stock up on food before you leave. You can always swing into a grocery store while you are on the road.

Maximizing Closet Use

Closet space is very limited, but instead of loading it up with your clothes, hang an organizer in it. That organizer can be filled with things like food, toys, electronics, shoes, kitchen supplies, etc. The clothes that would have been hung in there can be packed in a suit case or duffel bag and stored elsewhere easily.

Utilize Wall Space

Clean-remove hooks can be found just about anywhere these days. These seemingly fragile hooks can support quite a bit of weight. You can place these hooks on the limited wall space and utilize them to hang things like jewelry, cameras, keys, cooking utensils, towels, your jacket and so much more.

Don't pass up a class B rv for sale because you don't think it has enough storage space. Instead, get creative. It is possible to find storage space in places that surprise you and will allow you the ability to pack more for your trip than you first thought.