If you enjoy taking your vehicle well off of the beaten path for some off-road driving, you likely already know that out in the rough terrain, there are a lot more things that can go wrong. This is why every off-road vehicle, whether it is a four-wheel-drive pickup truck or high-rise SUV, should be equipped with a tool box. Just having a tool box filled with tools is not enough for the average off-roader, however. There are specific items you should always have within reach and your toolbox is the perfect place for these items to be kept in case of an emergency off-road excursion situation. 

1. Portable Battery Jumper - With additional lights overhead, extra juice needed for your four-wheel-drive system, and all that rough terrain can demand from your battery, you should make sure you have some portable power for backup in your toolbox. If you do, you can pull out your power supply when the battery dies and keep right on moving. 

2. Kitty Litter - No matter how big and tough your truck may be, some slick mud holes will be too much for tires to get any traction at all. Pull out your kitty litter and create some traction when you need it the most. 

3. Air Horn - If you stray away from everyone else and take hidden trails on your own, it is always a good idea to keep an air horn in your tool box. If something goes wrong and you have to leave your vehicle, take the air horn with, as it will help others find your location. 

4. Extra Batteries - You may easily remember to bring flash lights on an off-road adventure, but do not forget the extra batteries. Stick a few sets in your toolbox in a waterproof bag and you will have them if you need them. 

5. Winching Cable or Rope - Even if you already have a full winching system on the front of your vehicle, it is always wise to keep a spare cable or rope in your toolbox just in case something goes wrong with the other one. Plus, if a situation calls for using more than one vehicle to pull someone out of a bind, you will already have an extra winch for the the occasion. 

By keeping the tool box of your off-road vehicle filled with the things that you may need, you will be much less likely to get in a situation that you cannot find your way out of. The off-road experience can be a whole lot more fun if when something happens, you can pull out what you need from your tools stash and get right back on the trail. You can get specially made toolboxes from places like Service Van Equipment & RV Specialists.