Have you found yourself looking for a new car? Whether it's fresh from the factory or new to you, you need some new wheels. If you have an existing vehicle, you might be planning to trade it in. You can apply its trade in value to the price of your new car and it can even count as a down payment. This makes getting the car you desire that much easier.

Three Tips to Increase Trade in Value

Boosting your trade in value means that you'll have to pay less towards your new car. Here are a few ways to get the highest possible trade in value:

  • Research your car beforehand. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trading in their current vehicles is not knowing the proper value of their vehicle. This puts them at the mercy of the used car dealer to name the price.  Before you head to the used car dealer, research your car online. You can use Kelly Blue Book (KBB.com), which is the single most reputable source of car evaluation. Additionally, you can use local classified sites to see if anyone is selling a vehicle similar to yours. This gives you a realistic idea as to what your car is fetching on the open market.  
  • Show your maintenance records. If you're one of those clever car owners who has saved all of their receipts from the various services it's received over the years, bring those records with you to the dealership. They will likely help increase the trade in value of your car. Having these records clearly illustrates the level of care you've taken with your car since you've owned it. The records themselves will also help them figure out its current condition.  
  • Negotiate intelligently. Since you're seeking a trade in, it might be tempting to start the deal by talking about your new car. Instead, start by discussing the trade in value of your used car. Not only does this help establish if you can effectively use your trade in to secure the car you're after, but it also shifts the focus to finding a good trade in value instead. Additionally, say things like "I've researched my car and I'm curious what you will give me for it." Avoid saying things like "I want $3,000 for this and not a cent less." That severely limits the conversation.

Trading in your car is a vital process of getting into the care you're really after. Take the time to research your car, gather your records, and negotiate properly. You'll save time and money by getting a great trade in value. See sites like http://www.upicksave.com for more information.