Are you planning to rent a vehicle in the near future? If so, you could save on your fuel costs by keeping a few things in mind.

Car Selection

It can be tempting to want to rent a car that is considered luxury or sporty. If your travel is for certain purposes, it may even be ideal to choose a particular type of car. For example, if you are traveling to your daughter's wedding, you may want to choose a sedan or luxury car due to your travel being related to a special occasion.

If your destination and plans for travel are not going to have any direct influence on the rental car you choose, opt for a vehicle that is fuel efficient. For example, opting for an economy vehicle will likely save you more than opting for a sedan if you are traveling alone or will not have many passengers. This selection advice is based upon getting better gas mileage per mile.

Gas Selection

If you are like most people, you want to return your rental car in the same or better condition than you received it. This involves choosing the correct type of gasoline. Your intentions on doing things the right way could prompt you to buy more expensive gas during your rental.

Determine the recommended gas for the vehicle you rent. For example, most economy cars will likely perform well with 87 gasoline, and luxury car manufacturer's may recommend 93 gasoline. If you opt for an economy car, the use of 87 gasoline likely will not affect its performance. Choosing to use a higher grade gas such as 89 or 93 grade may not improve the performance either, and it is going to cost you more.


Beware if you are picking your rental car up from the airport or a location near the airport. The prices you pay for gas may be more expensive. Also, keep in mind that gas stations and convenience stores located within city areas are likely to have higher fuel costs.

If your rental vehicle has enough fuel in it to travel and you know other gas options will be available, drive further away before filling the gas tank. You will likely find that prices lower as you travel.


Ensure you have a clear understanding about whether or not you must have a certain amount of gas in the rental when you return it. This is because some rental car companies ensure that there is adequate enough gas to permit customers to travel a good distance away from their location. Their request for you to return the vehicle with the same or more gas is all about being courteous to the next person who rents the vehicle. Also, some companies charge penalties if the amount of gas upon return is not at or above the amount that was in the vehicle it at the time of the pick-up. Contact a local rental company, like Allard Rentals, with any questions.