Moving across the country can be an overwhelming experience. As if the emotional impact of moving isn't hard enough, you also have to deal with the logistics of moving. Transporting all of your possessions, especially across the country, is a large undertaking. One vital possession that you'll need to think about transporting is your car. While your first instinct might be to drive your car to your new home, you might want to consider shipping it instead. Shipping your car has many benefits over driving, and understanding these benefits can help you make your decision.

1. Avoid unexpected costs. When you hire an auto transport company to ship your car, you pay one flat fee and know exactly how much it will cost. When you drive your car yourself, you can try and estimate costs, but you could end up spending much more than you planned. Gas, food, and hotel prices are constantly changing and can be tough to estimate, and you could end up with a completely unforeseen cost, like a car repair in the event of a breakdown. Although an auto transport company might seem more expensive at first, driving your car yourself could end up being costlier.

2. It's timely. If you're making a long distance move, you might need your car at your destination by a certain day or time. Driving your car might feel like you have control over when you arrive, but with so many unpredictable variables such as traffic, road work, and pit stops, you could end up way behind schedule. An auto transport company can guarantee the arrival of your vehicle for whatever day or time you request; they can also deliver it to the exact destination you want, such as your new driveway. Some companies even offer GPS tracking on your car, so you can follow along on your car's journey.

3. You're insured. Your car is most likely one of your most important possessions, so the idea of putting it in someone else's hands might instill fear in you. Auto transport companies know how to handle your car safely and responsibly, but accidents can still happen. Fortunately, most auto transport companies are fully insured, so if something were to happen to your vehicle during transport, they would be fully responsible. If your car is a collectible, you can often upgrade the shipping service, so that it's enclosed during the transport.

When making a long distance move, you'll have plenty of logistics to worry about, so don't let your vehicle's transport be one of them. Contact a company like Inter-City Auto Transport for more information.