If you've purchased a pickup truck and want to customize it, you're likely thinking of all the various cool accessories you can find. But before you go adding all the gadgets, add a toolbox to the back so that you can store tools or have a way to bring home groceries and other purchases without them getting wet or having other weather elements damage them. It's a simple process, even if your truck doesn't have the mounting holes, if you follow this list of steps.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

In addition to purchasing the toolbox to fit your truck bed, gather these items:

  • battery-operated drill
  • drill bit the size of the mounting brackets that come with the toolbox
  • foam liner
  • marker
  • adjustable wrench

Make sure the battery-operated drill has a full charge. The drill uses a lot of battery power when drilling through metal. Without a full charge, you might end up starting the project and then completing it later.

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Truck

Place the toolbox on the truck bed and use the marker to mark the position where the hole is to go. Make sure there is enough room to open the lid without it hitting the back of the cab or the back window. Remove the toolbox and set it aside. Place the drill bit in the drill and drill a hole on the marked spot on each side of the truck.

Step 3: Mount the Toolbox

Place the toolbox on the truck bed, making sure that the holes on the toolbox line up with the holes on the truck.

Slide the foam liner between the back of the cab and the toolbox. If you feel more comfortable, slide some foam underneath the toolbox as well. Note: To protect the truck bed more, place the foam on the bed before mounting the toolbox.

Step 4: Insert and Tighten the Bolts

Follow the directions to tighten the bolts and nuts. Typically, these bolts simply slide through the holes, and then you attach the nuts under the lip of the truck bed's edge. Tighten the nuts as tight as you can by hand, and then use the adjustable wrench to tighten them down further.

Choose any style of toolbox for your pickup you like. If you want a truck that's completely customized, consider having the toolbox customized as well. Have it made with a design or your initial. Ask your custom truck parts expert what type to choose and request their help if you run into any issues with these instructions.