There is nothing worse than getting into your car and it not start. It could be one of many things wrong with it. When troubleshooting, you should start out with the easiest things first, such as a locked steering wheel and corroded battery connections.

Key Won't Turn

If your car will not start because your key will not turn, do not force it, as there is a much simpler way to fix this problem. When you stop and remove the keys from the ignition, the steering wheel locks into place. Your steering wheel could be turned a little too far to the right to keep your key from disengaging the steering wheel lock. Simply turn the steering wheel a little to the right or left as you are turning the key. In many cases, this is all it takes to fix this problem.

Clean Battery Connections

The problem could be that your battery connections are corroded or dirty. When this happens, the connection breaks between your battery and the rest of your vehicle.

Start out by removing the negative terminal first. You will find this on top of the battery, and it may have a black cover on it. You also may notice a minus sign near the terminal. The positive terminal typically has a red cap and a plus sign near it.

You will need to use a socket wrench to remove the terminals. Find the right size to loosen the nut on the terminal.

Put the wrench on the negative nut and turn it counter clockwise to loosen it. It should only take a few turns to do this. Remove the negative connector, and pull it away from the battery once the nut is loose. Follow these same steps to disconnect the positive terminal.

Now it is time to clean the battery posts. You can purchase corrosion removal cleaners at most auto parts stores. Squirt the fluid on the terminals and posts. Use a small hard bristled brush to remove any stubborn build up. It will start foaming, and you should let it do this for about five minutes. After this time, rinse the terminals and posts off with some water.  Reinstall everything back, and try to start your car.

In many cases, cleaning the battery or simply turning your wheel will fix this problem. If not, the most common reason your car will not start is a dead battery. Have someone jump-start your car with battery cables to see if it will start. If not, take your car to an auto parts store that specializes in european motor cars, and have them check the battery to see if it needs replaced.